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732 Main St., Hoxie, KS 67740 Tue - Thu: 11a - 9p • Fri + Sat: 11a-11p (785) 677-3977


Our Core Values – Integrity – Teamwork – Accountability – Communication – Adaptability

Our core values are what makes The Elephant Bistro and Bar go above and beyond in the restaurant industry. Join our team and experience a high quality work environment! Apply by emailing us at [email protected] or call (785) 677-3977.


At The Elephant, every job is just as important as the next! The dishwasher position is crucial to our functional kitchen. It takes speed and patience on a busy night but is a rewarding job with some practice. Many of our employees would say this job holds a precious secret… it’s the most relaxing position amongst the restaurant’s hustle and bustle. We are looking for individuals who work hard and stay accountable; if this you? Join us today! Need both daytime and night-time workers. Apply by emailing us at [email protected] or call (785) 677-3977.

Line/ prep cook

We are always in need of individuals passionate about food! The Elephant Bistro and Bar has pride in the creativity and dedication of its cooks. Anyone who has worked with food or loves cooking is wanted! One thing we truly believe in is individual growth. No matter the starting skill set, The Elephant believes in you. If you are interested in learning new skills, taking on new roles, and being a part of a hard-working environment, join our team today! Apply by emailing us at [email protected] or call (785) 677-3977

Wait Staff

From the very beginning of The Elephant’s arrival, we have always strived to better our services. The Front of House is one of the most dynamic jobs at The Elephant. Understanding our guests and problem-solving is a significant portion of what our wait staff does. We look for individuals who will learn as they go and take responsibility when needed. It is a very rewarding position! Everyone on our wait staff team will say there is nothing like watching their guests smile from joy. If you are interested in this position, apply today by emailing us at [email protected] or call (785) 677-3977!


The Bartender doesn’t make delicious drinks; they also make The Elephant a gathering place. Our cocktails are specially crafted and taken with pride; we look for individuals who hold the same spirit. If you’re a passionate individual who can start a dining experience off right. Then end someone’s dining experience off with utter joy, then this might be the job for you. If this position holds the likes of you, then apply by emailing us at [email protected] or call (785) 677-3977!

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